Making babies. Except not.

Thank Jesus that final exams are over. I think that I managed to outdo myself this year and only studied for approximately two hours for my finals. However, I did write several papers, which definitely took me more than two hours...

However, I am a professional procrastinator. Ask anyone at PC. No, really. Ask them. I'm kind of a legend. Therefore, I thought I'd share some of my favorite techniques.

This is the baby that I will one day have with Aaron Marsh:

She's definitely going to need glasses one day.

Solitaire is also always a good choice:

Is it bad that I have one of the ten highest scores...

Looking up potential tattoos is also one of my top choices:

Then, there's always dressing up...

Roommate quote of the day: "Whaaaat? I have a faaaace?"


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