You pretend to be a part of the shuffle of the day...

So, I suck as a blogger. I never update this thing, and when I do, I usually have absolutely nothing worthwhile to say. Go big, or go home.

First off, you may or may not have heard that I won an iPad. My first reaction upon hearing this news was, "What in the sam hill is an iPad?" Alas, I confess to being behind in current technological pop culture. What I have figured out is that, after I sell afore-mentioned iPad, I will have approximately $450 to spend on Halloween decorations and food. I have won the lottery.

Secondly, I bought some brown knee-high boots yesterday that actually fit over my "athletic" calves. And I didn't even have to spend half my iPad money on them; I got the for the bargain price of $34.99. Love it. I think stores are on to something here: $34.99 seems way cheaper than $35. Anyway, this was a huge moment for me (ask Laura May). I may have shed a tear. I have a really hard time finding cute boots that fit my "curvy" legs. I like to think that God does these small things just to keep us encouraged and to provide us with little moments of joy throughout our lives. Well, thank you, God, for Target and their cheap, big boots.

Thirdly, I am still waiting for my fall weather. This sudden spike in heat has not, however, deterred me from listening to my fall playlist or sniffing my fall candles. I have also been frequenting the Halloween aisles of Walmart and Target, searching for deals on decorations & costumes, as well as pleading with Anna to let me buy some ridiculous fake headstones to put in the front yard (she said no). Anyway, for your listening pleasure, I have decided to share my fall playlist with the masses and bring everyone in on the joy of the sounds of autumn:

1."My Love Goes Free" - Jon Foreman
2."Changing Colours" - Great Lake Swimmers
3."I Belong to You" - Muse
4."Full Moon" - The Black Ghosts
5."Decode" - Paramore
6."How to Be Dead" - Snow Patrol
7."Make Damn Sure" - Taking Back Sunday
8."I'll Be Here" - The Reindeer Section
9."Lord Save Me from Myself" - Jon Foreman
10."Godwin" - Brooke Waggoner
11."A White Demon Love Song" - The Killers
12."Anywhere With You" - Saves the Day
13."My Heart with You" - The Rescues
14."Burdon of our Courage" - Brooke Waggoner
15."The Cure for Pain" - Jon Foreman
16."Thriller" - Michael Jackson
17."This is Halloween" - Panic at the Disco
18."Secret" - The Pierces
19."Double Trouble" - John Williams
20."The Chain" - Ingrid Michaelson