How did this happen?

So, I'm home for Thanksgiving break. With all of my new-found free time, I decided to watch some afternoon tv. This should probably be listed as mistake number one. Afternoon tv is not necessarily known for being noteworthy or educational... Anyway, I ended up watching some Dr. Phil. Let's go ahead and call this mistake number two. Today's episode addressed bullying, specifically an incident in which four 18 yr old boys forced a 15 yr old boy (whom they had bullied for weeks) and forced him to get a homosexual slur tattooed on his rear end in a basement, threatening him with physical beatings and shooting him with a bb gun. When they were arrested and convicted of assaulting a minor, one of the boys and his mother complained that he had been victimized by the media and that he should not have been expelled from school.



I am so tired of people not taking responsibility for their actions. I mean, this boy forced a younger boy to get a permanent tattoo on his ass, and he's claiming that he's a victim?! Unbelievable.

I think this especially bothers me because I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Recently, some students at my school were caught vandalizing a statue on campus. This was a beautiful celtic cross statue created by one of the art professors. Apparently, these guys got drunk and thought that it would be funny to push the cross over, breaking it off of the base. I was so frustrated that these boys did not respect that this was something that someone else had created and worked really hard on.

When did people stop caring about others? Why do people think that anything is ok, as long as they're having fun? I feel like nobody cares about how their actions are going to affect others.

Hopefully, I'll have a cheerier post next time.

And hopefully I'll stop watching Dr. Phil in my downtime.


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