"I could sooner reconcile all Europe than two women." - Louis XIV

I love summer.


I love summer more when I don't have to work.

However, groceries are a must, and next year I'll have to buy a lot of them. I'm excited about living in the Calhoun house, but it's definitely going to be a challenge. I am going to be living with seven other girls.

That's right.


Which puts the total number of girls living in the one house at eight. Eight girls in one tiny house. Whew. Challenge.

I think that my experiences at the Leadership Project will definitely help me in this situation; although seven other roommates is not the same as three other roommates by a long shot. Hopefully, there will not be a lot of need for conflict resolution skills, but my hopes are not too high since that is a massive amount of estrogen in one tiny place.

Luckily, Anna is a psychology major.

I'm accusing this squirrel of subversion...

"You can't be suspicious of a tree, or accuse a bird or a squirrel of subversion, or challenge the ideology of a violet." - Hal Borland

So, it's officially been forever since I last posted. I need a stronger following to remind me to post. I hear that people get pretty upset when Ashton & Amanda forget to post.

Anyway, I do actually have a really funny incident to relate to y'all. Well, I think it's funny at least. Maybe you can at least give me a sympathy laugh.

I tripped over a squirrel.

No, really. I tripped over a squirrel.

It all happened one day a few weeks ago when Anna and Anna and I were walking around campus after dinner. Someone told us that you can burn a relatively good amount of calories by walking for an hour. Therefore, we decided to take a turn around good old PC after eating at GDH, which means we probably didn't eat that much to begin with.

Either way, we were walking down by the Douglas House and Bailey dorm. Anna was kicking sticks and random things on the ground as we walked. I was talking about something when, all of the sudden, my foot slammed into something, and I almost fell to my knees in the middle of the sidewalk. My first thought was that Anna had kicked up a brick or a piece of concrete from the sidewalk that had fallen in my way. Just as I was about to exact my verbal revenge, I saw the squirrel.

Running away from the scene of the crime.

He had run out in front of me at just the right time to receive a severe kick to the flank and have his head knocked against the back of my other foot.

That little sucker didn't even stick around to see if I was ok.

Immediately, I started screaming, "Oh, my gosh! I just tripped over a SQUIRREL!!! Did you see that?!" I think that the entire campus knew what had happened. Meanwhile, Anna Pardew was about to pee herself from laughing so hard. Then, I started wondering about what would have happened if it had bitten me. I would have had to get rabies shots! I'm pretty sure that those things come in a series of eight too...

So, of course, we then had to discuss the merits of getting the shot in your abdomen or your butt. Anna chose the butt, since "your stomach is the core of your whole body!" Stupid Zoomba fiend. I said that since you sit on your butt on a regular basis, I figured it would be better to get the shots in the stomach.

That way, you don't have to keep jumping up and grabbing a cheek every time you sit down in class.