Next time, I'll keep my eyes to my own table

The following encounter was bound to happen eventually.

Anne, Anna, and I decided to get together for lunch while we were home for spring break since we all live in the same area. So yesterday, we decided to meet at Panera's in Harbison.

We were having a good time, hanging out, talking about our breaks.

Checking out guys.

Just kidding, but obviously they came up in conversation. Eventually, a guy came in who looked to be about our age carrying his Bible and some text books. We acknowledged that he was attractive, but he had a ring on. However, we also decided that it could be a purity ring, especially since he was carrying a Bible and both Anna and I wear one.

We were doing our typical thing, giggling and occasionally looking over at the guy. When we get up to throw our trash away, the guy comes over to the trash can. You won't believe what he said:

"I know y'all were looking at me. Next time, please tell me that my zipper is down!"


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